—Researched and written by Aldo Andrade— The Sexta Plenaria de la Plataforma Intergubernamental en Biodiversidad y Servicios Ecosistémicos (Ipbes), which is a conference that brings about scientists from around the world to discuss topics related to biodiversity and its condition worldwide, is being held in the Americas for the first time, and more specifically in

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Dust swells in 3-meter-high waves in the San Carlos Lempa community. Sugarcane growers utilize a natural drain to the Lempa River to irrigate the crop, causing the water to become stagnant. Leftover stubble after the harvest is burned, sending smoke through local neighborhoods. The water well is contaminated with pesticides.

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Climate change is already modifying the hydrological systems, implying a future impact on the way in which economic activities are developed.

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The threat of climate change looms heavy over Colombia’s 2,860 kilometers of coral reef. 

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