—Researched and written by Mara Welty— The sale of recreational marijuana in Uruguay marks a historical shift in the government’s strategy to combat illegal drug trafficking and establishes Uruguay as the first country to legalize marijuana. The controversial law, which was backed by President José Mujica in 2013, allows marijuana to be sold in select

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–Researched and written by Adriana Threlkeld— After five long years, July 19 marked the first day of Uruguay’s state controlled sale of marijuana. President Vázquez supports the controversial law introduced by President Mujica, and claims that legalization may alleviate the country’s drug trafficking problem. Since only a third of the country’s population supports legalization, July

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—Researched and written by Trevor Bero— As the peace process slowly unfolds between the Colombian government and the rebel group Las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias Colombianas, ex-combatants face the arduous task of reintegration into civilian life. The United Nations has dedicated a mission to assist in this transition in hopes of maintaining the stability of the

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Old wounds remain unattended in El Salvador.

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