—Researched and written by Sarah Simon— WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange has sought asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since June 2012. He remains there in part to avoid being extradited to Sweden, on account of rape allegations which he denies. Recently, however, the journalist and computer programmer’s name has again flamed up in the

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—Researched and written by Blossom Kelley— The Panama Canal was arguably one of the most influential constructions that took place in the western hemisphere during the 20th century. Many companies have tried to compete with and/or mimic the financial success of the Canal with only the Hong-Kong based company HKND proving to be successful, when

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For decades, Japanese cooperation has paid attention to Nicaragua’s road infrastructure, schools, and hospitals. Now, Japan has its eyes on the organization of the capital through the development of a Master Plan for Urban Development for the city of Managua, which will be ready in the coming weeks.

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